LU40 Alumni Serving as Project Lead at Balfour Beatty

At CBI, nothing pleases us more than to see emerging leaders rising up to make a difference in the world. Our LU40 development program is all about nurturing these new leaders and empowering them to follow their passions for community and outreach. LU40 alumni Aislinn Smith is serving as Project Lead at Balfour Beatty, an organization that builds structures that enhance the lives of people who need it most.

Aislinn, and her amazing team at Balfour Beatty, are responsible for the Bridges to Prosperity project (B2P), an initiative launched on the idea that bridges are more than just structures. Bridges are often the key to a to a thriving, healthy community. In Bolivia, Aislinn is leading an extremely talented group of engineers, designers, and builders in constructing a bridge that will change the lives of those who live on the Espiritu Santo River. This Suspension Bridge will provide safe access for over 1,400 members of these communities, providing new opportunities for trade and welfare. B2P’s project will empower these communities to grow and thrive for decades to come.

We at CBI are extremely proud to consider Aislinn Smith one of our own, and we cannot wait to where her future endeavors take her. To learn more about the LU40 program, visit today. To check out all the amazing work Aislinn and her team are accomplishing in Bolivia, click this link!

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