13 September 2017

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The DACA Decision

The DACA Decision

We Cannot be Silent

A month ago we said we could not be silent in the face of the actions in Charlottesville. Today – as we join in responding to the catastrophic impact of both Harvey and Irma – we must speak out in support of our immigrant neighbors, particularly those who came as children and have been raised in our country. So many of us are the sons and daughters of generations of immigrants, and with others we share the belief that our country should work for those who work for it. While we know it hasn’t always been the case for all of our citizens and residents, today we are also failing the many immigrant families who labor hard to keep our country going.

We believe that America can be a country that works for all of us. This is not an aspiration that is hard to hold or impossible to realize, though many would throw obstacles in its path. While we must be a country of law, more critically we must be a country with laws that treat people equitably, fairly and humanely. We call on all people to stand united in creating and supporting the legal framework needed to enable youth raised here to stay here and for families working here to be included in the country they are helping build.

As you seek to respond and get involved at this time, we lift up organizations and efforts in our community that are on the forefront of action and service. Please visit the websites of: Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy (, the Latin American Coalition ( and LAWA ( to support their DACA Renewal Workshops and other efforts; visit the Facebook pages of Communidad Collectiva, the Southeast Asian Coalition and Alerta Migratoria to learn what these immigrant-led organizations are doing; consider reaching out to CPCC, JCSU, Queens and UNCC to support the DACA students who are enrolled on these campuses.

Importantly, take the conversation about the DACA Decision to your colleagues, families, neighborhood associations, houses of worship, legislators and social spaces. Ask people where they stand and what they are doing. Find strength and insights in these encounters and encouragement to work for change on behalf of all. In the spirit of “we cannot be silent,” please let us hear from you.

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